On The Wings Of Stamps Out Of Istanbul & Into The World

Sevengül Sönmez


Etiket Fiyatı: 2.100,00 

Translated by

Ekin Kurtdarcan

Original language



Rober Koptaş


Hulusi Nusih Tütüncü

Print info

First Print, May 2023

Page and Size

184 pages, 22x25 cm, Boxed, Clothbound




One of the oldest private institutions in Turkey, Kamer Pul Evi (Kamer Stamps) has served in the exact location since its inception, at the head of Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul’s historical commercial, cultural, and tourist center. It witnessed the social, political, and economic changes in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, and Turkey. This book tells the story of Kamer Stamps, founded in 1942 in Istanbul, along with its founders, the Arıkan family. The journey of this institution, upheld so diligently by two generations of Arıkans – by father Kamer and son Arman – finds a unique place within Turkey’s cultural history. Dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Kamer Stamps, the book is also a work of a more extensive history of stamps, including the life stories of many other essential collectors and dealers who have contributed significantly to philately in Turkey. The visual material such as photographs, stamps, and first day covers also add the necessary layers to the story, proving the maxim so often expressed by the founders of Kamer Stamps correct: “A stamp is a doorway into the world.” With these aspects, the book leaves its mark on history just like stamps and even becomes a valuable collectible object itself.

About the Author

Sevengül Sönmez

Sevengül Sönmez worked in many areas of the publishing industry as an editor, translator, editor, and consultant. In addition to her biographical works on Sabahattin Ali and Sait Faik, she works in literary archives and museology. She teaches publishing at Boğaziçi University and is the education coordinator of the Turkish Publishers Association.

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